New Product in stock: World’s smallest Arduino ever 16.9 x 12.7 mm


OLIMEXINO-85S is smallest Arduino compatible board in the world with only 16.9 x 12.7 mm it’s with microSD card like size.

New Product in stock: OLIMEXINO-85BC


OLIMEXINO-85BC is new OLIMEXINO-85 derivate with same functionality but having additional LiPo charger on board, which makes it perfect for wearable apps, once you plug the USB cable to OLIMEXINO-85BC it will start to charge the LiPo battery attached then when you disconnect will continue to operate from the battery.

OLIMEXINO-NANO-GSM shield prototypes works fine


OLIMEXINO-NANO is small 30×30 mm Arduino Leonardo compatible board with microSD-card, UEXT, micro USB and stack-able shields, the available shields for the moment are:

OLIMEXINO-NANO-GSM is new 4 band GSM shield + Classic Bluetooth combo board. It stacks on OLIMEXINO-NANO and add GSM/GPRS capability to it + Classic Bluetooth connectivity.

The shield will be in stock end of the month and will cost EUR 20

EKG measurement during base jump with SHIELD-EKG-EMG and Arduino


This is link to crazy project made with Arduino and our SHIELD-EKG-EMG.


Heart rate jumps from 130 to 180 bpm at the time of the jump, I was expecting the heart to freeze for a bit at the time of the free fall, but there is lot of muscle noise at this time as you instinctively tight all your muscles when you fall.

FOSDEM-85 as thermometer with no external components


Stefan Goetze submitted today cool project with FOSDEM-85 in our Project section.

He is using the ATTiny85 internal chip sensor to measure the temperature, which he displays with LED blinks on Pinguino eyes. For this purpose he re-connected the Power LED to another port.

The document where he explains how he build it together with all source codes is here

Now FOSDEM-85 can be used as thermometer on your desk :)

New Product in Stock: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module


MOD-nRF8001 is a low cost EUR 9.95 Bluetooth low energy module (Bluetooth 4.0) which works with Arduino, Pinguino, Maple boards. Demo examples for these three platforms have been tested.

BLE is interesting for iPhone developers since BLE is not subject to a bogus license from Apple as normal Bluetooth, this means you can connect devices to iPhone via BLE without the need to be “approved” by Apple. Other phones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 also can work with MOD-nRF8001. This makes interfacing to sensors and physical computing possible at low cost. MOD-nRF8001 has a range of up to 50-60 meters when no obstacles and walls are present.

MOD-nRF8001 is made for easy integration to existing PCBs and can be soldered on the PCB using the cut-through pads, those who want to work with breadboards can solder 2 x 0.1″ step connectors to MOD-nRF8001 and plug it to a breadboard, the third way to connect MOD-nRF8001 to board is by soldering 10 pin UEXT connector to it.

Special OLIMEXINO-NANO nRF8001 shield is designed and will be in stock in February.

The smallest Arduino ever OLIMEXINO-85S is just 16.9 x 12.7 mm (0.67×0.5″) !



You probably remember this blog post where we announced the OLIMEXINO-NANO with only 30×30 mm dimensions.

Then we further shrink the Arduino and made OLIMEXINO-85 based on Tiny85 to 30×22 mm.

Now we decided to see how small we can go with Tiny85 and made bare minimum design based on SMD technology:

  • ATTiny85 programmable by Arduino IDE made by Digispark
  • two LEDs one for power supply and one user programmable
  • All ports available to breadboard friendly two rows at 0.4″ distance
  • can be powered by USB micro connector or by LiPo battery

this board is so small that you should keep it away from children as they can inhale it :)

perfect for embedding in small spaces

New Product in stock: Professional ECG 3-WAY cable with snap connection for Gel filled electrodes


ECG-PRO-3-WAY-CABLE is professional ECG cable with snap connector for ECG-GEL-ELECTRODE GEL filled electrodes:


The GEL filled electrodes ensure perfect low resistance skin connection which reduces the noise when capture the bio signals.

Based on the ECG-PRO-3-WAY-CABLE we made new SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PRO cable which can be plug to the popular SHIELD-EKG-EMG and use GEL filled electrodes for better signal / noise ratio.


New Product in stock: OLIMEXINO-NANO wearable Arduino Leonardo clone


In October I blogged for our new Arduino clone: The NANO with size only 30x30x8 mm.

Well we have them all three in stock now!

OLIMEXINO-NANO is the core module with USB micro connector, the stackable connectors for shields and UEXT to connect our many UEXT modules like BMP085, MPU6050, HMC5883L, Zigbee, temperature, magnetometers etc. etc.

OLIMEXINO-BB is stackable shield which allow you to connect NANO to Breadboard-1

OLIMEXINO-BAT is shield which contain Lithium 3V battery, connector for LiPo battery and on board charger.

The power supply for NANO is made very intelligently and as soon you connect LiPo it will take power from there, if the USB is connected the batteries are disconnected and start charging them.

We have two more modules which will be ready in few weeks:

  • EUR 10 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE shield which will allow the wearable NANO to be connected to iPhones without licensee issues or to Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and will allow interactions with phones and tablets with different sensors connected to NANO
  • EUR 22 GSM/GPRS 4 band shield with external antenna which will add connectivity via GSM

The NANO shield concept is that the connectors are SMT type and stackable, on bottom there is male connector, on top is female connector so you can stack as many shield as you want together.

New Product in Stock: MOD-HMC5883L Digital compass with UEXT connector


MOD-HMC5883L is new Open Source Digital Compass breakboard. It comes with UEXT connector and cable so you can connect it to any of our development boards which have UEXT connector, but if you want you can use it also with breadboard as all HMC5883L signals are available in two rows at 0.1″ step on the two sides of the PCB.

MOD-HMC5883L is with 12 bit precise ADC and allow you to measure north with 1-2 degree error.

The board is in stock and cost EUR 9.95

Demo code for OLinuXino in C and Python and for Arduino, MAPLE, Pinguino will be available on our web, the Eagle CAD files and schematic is also there.

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