NEW PRODUCTS UPDATE: USB-uLIPO USB port battery charger, K-type thermocouple temperature sensor, USB-SERIAL-CABLE breadboard low cost USB to Serial cable


EUR 3.95 USB-uLiPo Lithium Polymer Batteries USB port charger.

Our new Duinomite, Pinguino, Arduino, Maple boards have low power design and option to work with LiPo batteries in handheld operation. They have on-board battery chargers, but we though it’s good to have small Li-Po external charger board as well.

This is how USB-uLipo was born, it’s based on MCP73833 and allow batteries with capacity up to 5000mAh to be charged from normal  PC USB port.


MOD-TC module for temperature measurement is very popular UEXT board, but our customers were asking us again and again where they can buy the K-TYPE thermocouple sensors, so we decided to stock and offer these. TC-K-TYPE is low cost EUR 2.95 sensor, suitable for measuring temperatures -50+700C. (note that MAX6675 in MOD-TC will measure temperatures only > 0C as it measures in range 0-1023C).


USB-UART-CABLE is USB – to – Serial cable for breadboarding. This is very low cost EUR 5.95 USB to SERIAL cable with three pins for breadboard connection: GREEN = UART.RX, RED = UART.TX and BLUE = GND.


USB-MINI-HOST is USB mini to USB-type A host adapter and is very useful on DuinoMite and Pinguino-OTG which have USB On-The-Go and could act as USB host, this adapter allow easyly USB keyboards, Mouses, Cameras which are with USB-A cable to connect to DuinoMite and Pinguino boards

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