Friday Free Board Quiz Issue #1 prize will be STM32-E407


In today’s Quiz we will give away our new Open Source Hardware #OSHW STM32-E407 board with the powerful Cortex-M4 processor running at 168Mhz with 1MB of Flash and 192KB of RAM.

STM32-E407 have SD-Card, 2 USB-OTG, 100MBit Ethernet and is perfect for Internet-Of-Thing applications.

You have access to 74 GPIOs on 4 connectors with 0.1″step  + UEXT to connect our different modules.

The input power supply 6-16VDC makes it perfect to work in Automotive 12V power supply applications, and if you are missing some of your Arduino shields, do not worry STM32-E407 have Arduino connectors too, so you can attach your arduino shields to it.

So get ready as today at 17.00 oclock our Bulgarian local time we will post our question on Twitter and will give away this board to random follower who RT the correct answer.

Good luck to everyone who will participate!

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