This is Open Hardware Arduino Leonardo compatible board.
What we did here are few features which are missing and we think they are annoying in original Arduino hardware design:
– made shield step to be aligned to 0.1″ so you can use this board in breadboards’
– add Lipo battery power supply for handhels operation
– moved the LEDs on close to the edge to be visible even with shield on it
– can work on both 3.3 and 5V
– add UEXT connector so you can use our UEXT modules like WIFi , Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, GPS, Thermocouples, Relays etc.

Everyone have chance to win this board if answer correctly our Quiz question.
Today at 17.00 o’clock our local Bulgarian time (GMT+3) we will post on Twitter our question.
You have one hour to reply to our tweet with the correct answer.
At 18.00 o’clock we will count the correct answers and ask to generate random number in range then anounce the winner and ship the board by airmail next Monday.

Good luck!

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