Electronica 2012 – day 1


Where you can see Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley together? At Electronica 2012 in Munich of course.

I will admit it I’m little absent lately due to the lot of work. Althoug I booked our plane tickets few months ago I forgot to book hotel 🙂 so last week I start searching and all hotels in 30 km of Munich were sold out for the days of Electronica this speaks how many people come here at Electronica.

Many, many thousands people from all around the world come to see how the big companies in the Semiconductor industry present their new achievements at this exhibition. Fortunately I managed to find decent hotel at about 1 hour ride from the Munich Exhibition Center or Messe how they call it here.

I also knew that flying on November 13th is not good sign and Lufthansa confirmed my doubts by loosing our luggage, so me and my collegues arrived in Munich with no luggage after waiting more than hour and half at airport looking for it.

On the next day I had early meeting and I spotted out humble logo at TI booth:


the size of the booths may confuse the novices, some booths are always big like this one of Farnell:


while some smallish Austrian component ditributor who have quite modest stoking got enormous booth here trying to impress:


while other huge stocking distributors like EBV have quite modest booth:


also the ON semiconductor booth was bigger than the NXP booth, does this means to sell voltage regulators is more profitable than to sell microcontrollers?



Freescale booth is also impressing and somehow do not correspond to the fact that two weeks earlier they layoff all their iMX design team in Israel and anounced that their plans for iMX7 are postponed 😦


I still can’t get used to the new funny logo of Atmel, why did they changed the old one which everybody was recognizing?


This year I will remember Electronica with the F1 cars, they were everywhere I counted 5 or 6 booths with F1 cars on them, what so much people like in F1 cars?


I do remember Mouser were the first who had such car on their booth and now many start to copy and do the same.

This year Marilyn Monroe was again on Digikey’s booth I hope next year we will not see 5-6 clones of her on other booths 🙂

You can learn some tricks from Microchip booth:


Ride a sport bike:


or just take picture together with the King:Image

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. James
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 20:27:05

    While still maybe a King, the last picture is of one of the Blues Brothers. Not Elvis. This one is Dan Aykroyd I think.


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