A13-OLinuXino can drive 1024×600 pixels 10″ LCD


Today we managed to run A13-OLinuXino-WIFI with the new 10″ LCD in 1024×600 pixels resolution. The Debian image with XFCE4 runs just fine as you can see from the above picture.

The Android image do not display correctly, I guess 800×480 is hardcoded somewhere in the image as even if you define bigger resolution in the script.bin the screen size remains with same size and takes just part of the LCD area. This is not something which to worry us anyway as our main interest is to run Linux on A13 🙂

So soon everyone would be able to make his own Linux netbook with A13-OLinuXino-WIFI + A13-LCD10TS + USB keyboard!


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  1. praveenkumar (@rpraveenrpk)
    May 27, 2014 @ 10:01:06

    A20 olinuxino with 7″ inch touch screen running a Linux Distributon.


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