New Cheaper Power supply adapters 5V and 12V in stock


We offer two power supply adapters for OLinuXino: SY0612E 12V 0.5A and SY0605E 5V 1A both are produced in Romania by Sunny Computer Technology Europe SRO, which is factory established by Sunny Computer Technology China.

These adapter are with good quality, come with all certificates and meet all safety standards, but they are bit expensive.

We found cheaper adapters manufactured in China which are at half price than these manufactured in EU.

Here we disassembly both to see the difference:

1. PCBs on both adapters are made by cheap FR2 material;


2. Electronic components, capacitors, transformers, semiconductors in both adapters are with good quality; We have been diassembling ultra cheap adapters which sells for $1 with free shipping on ebay and they are really bad quality and will break after few plugs on the mains, there are no distance inside between high/low voltage parts and it’s quite dangerous to use such adapters at all, but this one is not such case. The Chinese adapter have even bigger air distance between the high and low voltage part than the EU made, but I think this comes from the fact that EU adapter have protective coating and is allowed to have narrow distance.

3. EU adapter uses wires with bigger diameter, Chinese is made with thinner cables which for sure will withstand the small currents which are used, but will fail sooner if somebody pull or twist the cable.


4. EU adapter PCB is with protective coating on the solder side (which make surface glossy) and which will protect the PCB when working in humidy enviroment, the Chinese adapter have no protective coating.


5. EU adapter the power connector is with springs inside which always guarantee good contact with the power jack on the board, Chinese connector is simple with no springs inside.


6. EU adapter have all certificates and safety standards tests, Chinese adapter may pass these, but they didn’t bother to spend money on certification and didn’t mark the adapters (actually they would mark them if we asked 🙂 but this is not the point, you can’t be sure if there is certification on goods you buy from China as they will mark it with anything you want.

Generally in our opinion both adapters will work well, the EU adapter of course is with better quality but at double price. If you want to use the adapter just in your lab or at home and you are at low budged the Chinese adapter will do the same job for you.

If you want use the adapter in project where you want more reliability or the device will be subject to high/low temperatures and humidity you should choose the EU adapter.

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