Allwinner’s A20 Dual core Cortex-A7 processor is coming


Following our enormous success with OLinuXino which we blogged on April 1st we got same day congratulation e-mail from Allwinner and they sent us preliminary info about their new A20 processor which goes on sale this month.

The files are on Github:

We will have some A20 in our hands very soon, so right on time to test how they work with our A10-OLinuXino-MICRO which we almost finished.

To the question what software support is available for A20 Allwinner keep silent, but from Alejandro Mery (Linux-Sunxi) I got some info that anonymous good soul have liberated A20 git sources few weeks ago, so all Linux-Sunxi community need is working hardware to play with and update on Github 🙂

A20 is claimed to be pin to pin compatible with A10, so our A10 board should be able to work with A20 too, but we have carefully to double check the schematics.

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