Weekend Programming Challenge Issue #3 – Results

We got 16 solutions this weekend, written in 6 languages:

1 solution in C++
1 solution in AWK
1 solution in Basic
2 solutions in C
2 solutions in Lua
9 solutions in Python

The solutions are uploaded on GitHUb, in the readme are my comments https://github.com/OLIMEX/WPC/tree/master/ISSUE-3

There are several very small and compact solutions made in Python, well done!

Solution-16 approach is to work first with numbers (based on the ASCII code) than to compare strings, but does this improve the speed?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lukasz Pulka
    Apr 09, 2013 @ 16:10:45

    Unfortunattely comparing sums, does not improve speed.

    I have evaluated most of the python solutions and Lua solution(solution-16), which is much slower than my python (solution-10). Most of the solutions has O(n^2) computational complexity.

    For small quantity of input words it does not matter, however when number of input words increases it really does matter!. My test vectors where dictionaries with 75k to 250k words(each in single line). I found that python dictionaries are really powerful, and well optimised.


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