AVR-T32U4 Arduino demo code for TV remote control


AVR-T32U4 is easiest way to breadboard your Arduino projects, with this demo we will show you how to connect MOD-IRDA and receive and send IR commands from TV remote control and to TV.

MOD-IRDA have IR receiver and IR LED, in the demo project we will use Jumper wires to connect to Breadboard.


The demo code is at https://github.com/OLIMEX/DUINO/tree/master/AVR/IR-REMOTE

LED is connected to D13 and MOD-IRDA IR receiver is connected to D11.

On the video you can see how LED is switched ON and OFF with ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons from the IR remote.


The same way you can control other stuff with Arduino, for instance connecting Servo motor to move your fences at home etc.

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