Wiki site is created to collect info about Rockchip SoCs


Last week I blogged about the amazing RK3188 Quad core processor from Rockchip

The site was created to collect all available info for Rockchip devices in a form of Wiki.

Rockchip is way more closed than Allwinner, they do not understand open source and Linux and are in the same state of mind like Allwinner 2 years ago. With lot of push from Open Source evangelists Allwinner slowly opened and now even released some of their closed source code for the bootloader and flash controller.

Rockchip is still in the stone age, they require NDA and $5000 to send you SDK for building Android images which even have no sources inside but binary blobs.

All Rockchip kernel and Linux support so far is done by group of hackers who reverse engineer their code for fun and they have already significant success.

The reason was created is to have place where to collect all info for Rockchip like is doing for Allwinner SoCs.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KiLLWarez
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 14:29:49

    Maybe you will be interested in next two links.
    It is RK3066 development board. Dont switch to English, there nothing.
    I think you can buy it here.

    Also there is a forum, but it hard to read even with translator.


  2. Edward M Lukacs
    Aug 30, 2016 @ 14:58:34

    I do hope that Rockchip will open up. I have two RK2388 TV boxes and I don’t want to run Linux on top of Android. Problem is I’m not really a hacker and I’m just not good enough to figure out how to do it. Meanwhile I will look at these sites to discover what is there. I do not mind ‘bricking’ a box because they’re not that expensive, but it would be stupid to do so when my skills are not good enough to have a good chance of success or to recover it if I fail.


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