Make things talk with OLinuXino


Festival is open source speech synthesizer which runs on Linux, here are instructions how to install and use it on any of our OLinuXino boards.

With Festival you can add voice to your next project.

1. Instalation

  • Go to
  • Download all archieves
  • We will use /root/festival
  • Move the archives to the /root/festival
  • Extract all archieves
  • After that there will be two new folders: -> speech_tools -> festival
  • If you want you can move them to different location
  • Open this demo Makefile, Edit: -> FES_DIR = /root/festival or other location
  • Open terminal and run:
# make remove
# make
To run the program:

 # bin/Festival

2.  Command options:

  • Verbose mode: –verbose, -v

Print extra output information.

# bin/Festival -v
  • Heap size: –heap, -h

Define the size of the used heap. Default value is 210000.

# bin/Festival -v --heap 1500000
  • Do not load init file: –no-init-file

Doesn’t load the default initilization file.

 # bin/Festival -v --no-init-file
  • Read text from text file: –file, -f

Open ASCII coded text file, and read it.

 # bin/Festival -v --file SomeText.txt
  • Read text from command line: –text, -t

Say text parsed from the command line.

# bin/Festival -v --text "Say Hello World"

the Festival archives are also backup on GitHub:

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. giovanni.v
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 14:49:13

    eSpeak is an alternative open source TTS engine that certainly is worth a try:


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