Allwinner on HK Electronics Fair


Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the biggest events for Electronics in Asia.

Allwinner have nice booth there right to the entrance.

More info is revealed about A23 and on the booth there is stage with controlled power supply which show how tablet with A23 consumes less 50 mA while playing music and only 2.6mA in stand by mode:


A20 was done on 55 nm and the maximum clock is 1008Mhz, while A23 is produced on 40nm and 1.5Ghz is within the safe specs although you can see from the picture below is possible to overclock it to 1.8Ghz:


We usually associate Allwinner processors with tablets and media boxes, but on HK fair they show some automotive related products, this is back mirror with inputs for video from few cameras and navigation on top on the video stream.


Based on materials on, thanks to Eva Wu, Allwinner Marketing manager for pointing me to this info.

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  1. zoobab
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 17:48:58

    A cubietruck is on the Allwinner booth! You should have sent them one of your Olimex boards 🙂


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