Preparing for the OpenFest Hackathon


Do not forget tomorrow is OpenFest  and there will be Hardware Hackathon!

We are preparing 100 OLIMEXINO-85-KITs ready for assembly and 4 soldering stations, solder, flux, cutters and everything necessary to assembly these KITs.

No matter if you have experience or not with soldering we will teach you how to build your first Arduino yourself and then to check if it works and write your first code.

We are preparing also MOD-IO2 relay boards, LEDs, Breadboards, Jumper wires, temperature sensors, LED RGB stripes and many other gadgets to have fun with!

A20-OLinuXino with 15.6″ LCD running Debian and A20-OLinuXino with 10″ LCD with TS running Android will be also available for these who want to touch and test them.

Open Fest opening lecture had to be for OpenJDK but in last minute we understand that the plane of Mani Sarkar will late, so we have to open the event with our lecture for Open Source Hardware, so do not get late in Saturday as we start at 10.15 🙂

The slides for the lecture will be present on A20-OLinuXino running Debian and Libre office

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  1. Tom
    Nov 02, 2013 @ 14:57:43

    Very nice incentive to get the young ones warm for technical careers, i wish there were more of these in the Netherlands were i live. The way we are heading i fear is that there are way to few skilled engineers in the future.
    Good for you i guess, but bad for us 🙂


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