OpenFest 2013 and the Open Source Hardware


To be two days together with hundreds of people who share your values and view on the open source technology – NICE!

To open the event with full Hall and people even sitng on the floor just to hear your presentation for Open Source Hardware – GREAT!

To see the big smile on the face of people who never used to touch soldering iron, but built their first Arduino themself and programmed their first Blink LED program – PRICELESS!





OpenFest 2013 was two days event last weekend where hundreds people all around Bulgaria meet together and share their experience in number of talks.

I opened the even with my presentation for the Open Source Hardware, tried to explain what is Open Source Hardware, (as many of the people were familiar only with free / open source software), what is my motivation to do Open Source Harware, what are the differences between open source hardware (OSHW) and Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) and why others should join and do Open Source Harware too.

The slides are available here. Soon the video of my talk will be put online by OpenFest organizers.

Both days in the lobby of OpenFest were running Hardware Hackathon where we provide 100 OLIMEXINO-85 kits, anyone who wanted could participate and solder his own Arduino which then to test and program and take home free of charge. People with no any knowledge in electronics and soldering came and out of 100 kits just 2 were broken, all other 98 were successfully assembled!

I admit I didn’t expect such big interest in Hardware on so traditionally “FOSS” related event. From 10.00 till 17.00 there was always crowd of peoples around the tables, waiting on tail to take seat with soldering iron as we got only 4 with us, there were even few people who came with their own soldering irons from home in their backpacks.

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  1. Tom
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 23:43:42

    Very nice indeed, i really wish there was more people/buisinesses like you/yours in my country, the Netherlands.
    FOSS en OSHW is here to stay and will be the source of many beautiful things to come. Now to only convince all those other people that vendor lock-in is a bad thing, and choice is a good thing.


  2. Dylan
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 02:43:51

    Hi Tom, may I point you to (a site I only googled a second ago, and it omits the recent R’dam opening as well as many others listed on as well as the recent Dutch equivalent (to return in 2017). Which province are you in?


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