SMT news from SMT & Hybrid exhibition in Nuremberg Germany


Last week from May 6th to 8th the SMT & Hybrid exhibition for SMT machines and technologies was held in Nuremberg, Germany.

All the big names were there: JUKI, Panasonic, Samsung, Fuji, DEK, Hitachi, Siplace.

Juki became monster source for SMT machines after they bough SONY SMT business. The benefits of this purchase is the newly released RX-7 machine which they were exhibiting which is based on the proven SONY revolver head technology with 12 nozzles and combined with JUKI software and platform.

Something very interesting is the new SMART auto splice feeders. These are offered now by SAMSUNG, HITACHI, FUJI and I guess many other will follow.


you see one such on the picture above. The magic with this kind of feeders is that they can work with cut reels and stripes and the feeder auto load the tape without need of any operator intervention, this way these feeders have no down time during production.

You can see it here in action:

This is very significant innovation, as with the high speed machines the feeder re-loads is the major bottleneck of the productivity.

FUJI are one of the top vendors for high speed machines.


The above machine is one of the top notch SMT machines one could wish to have, but their prices are serious too 🙂

There are lot of small SMT machine vendors too like Fritsch, Autotronik, Essemtec these vendors can’t compete with the big boys in terms of precision, speed, etc. but cost less and have well done software and features which allow fast change overs, so good for small companies with low volumes and high mix.


Overall is good to see that the industry is innovating and moving forward in terms of speed and precision.



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