Open Hardware Summit 2014 will be in Rome, Italy September 30th to October 1st


Open Hardware Summit is yearly event. This year it will be two days event from September 30th to October 1st.

This is also the first OHS event in Europe!

First day will be with talks, second with workshops. The participation is completely free of charge.

The talks will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from electronics and mechanics to related fields, such as digital manufacturing, wearable technology , devices quantified self, art and bio-hacking.

The workshops will focus on issues such as education, manufacturing, engineering, business, and legal issues and more. The Summit provides a meeting place for people who share open source ideas.

Among the speakers are Gabriella Levine, president of OSHWA, Becky Stern, Tomas Diez, Adrian Bowyer,father of the RepRap project that has revolutionized the 3D printing.


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  1. Emiliano Daddario
    May 19, 2014 @ 22:25:53

    Do you know “Rome, Open City”? What about “Rome open tour” for tourists? Here in Rome you may also enjoy “open bar” 🙂 See you there (I mean, the OHS, not the open bar) 🙂


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