A13-SOM Android 4.2.2 NAND Flash image


We completed Android 4.2.2 NAND Flash image for A13-SOM-512 note that this image will not work on A13-SOM-256 as Android require lot of RAM, also to may use this image you need A13-SOM-WIFI-4GB shield to store the image.

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  1. Alvaro Pinto
    Jul 02, 2014 @ 00:35:49

    Hello I just got your new A13-SOM-512 + A13-SOM-WIFI. I connected to an olimex 7″ LCD. But nothing comes out. I powered it using a USB3 port and also I used an external power supply. I am able to use adb and looks like android it’s working. I also try and SD card with debian with the same results. Do you have any suggestion or any procedure to check why the LCD it’s not working?.

    Also, one little complain LED1 on the WIFI PCB was solder in the wrong way.


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Jul 02, 2014 @ 08:03:33

      please load Android image again! the very first upload had GPIO definition problem and LCD enable pin was set as input so LCD may or may not Light up randomly


      • Alvaro Pinto
        Jul 08, 2014 @ 00:53:27

        Thanks for your quick response. I did not have time to test your solution before. After upload the Android image looks like everything it’s working.

        I think your new A13-SOM it’s great. I have been using an A13 for a while and this new version opens a lot of possibilities for small embedded projects.

        Great job!!!!

  2. Tyler
    Jul 02, 2014 @ 04:03:39

    The product page for the 512mb version (https://www.olimex.com/Products/SOM/A13/A13-SOM-512/) still says this, “A13-SOM-512 can run Debian, OpenWRT, but is not possible to run Android 4.x”

    Does this just need to be updated, or am I misunderstanding what this image is for?


  3. Ana
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 21:25:19

    This image works in A13-OlinuXino-WIFI VGA?


  4. paul
    Mar 03, 2016 @ 08:52:52

    Could you help me to find the source code of this image?


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