Allwinner work on A83T 8-core Cortex-A7 SoC


Allwinner just posted on Twitter and made press release on their web that they work on new octa core processor named A83T.

So far there are no much info than it will be on 28 nm TSMC process and will be very power efficient. If we make analogy with A20 and A23/A33 the A83T will be lower cost feature cut version of A80.

The 8 cores will run up to 2Ghz! They name the architecture big.LITTLE but with 8 Cortex-A7 cores it should be more little.LITTLE 🙂

The question is how many applications will use all 8-cores? We all know the many-core is more sale buzzword than real performance improvement for most of the daily use cases.

At least in PC world 2 core at higher frequency will feel faster than 4 core at lower frequency for most of daily work and 4-core benefit will be seen just in some software products which really use the 4 cores.

As always software is way behind the hardware development.

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  1. manuti
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 19:10:32

    Yes, many cores ARM are not going fast than x86, you can read next review on The Verge



  2. onefang
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 11:28:45

    I think the point of big.little is that the user doesn’t use all eight cores at the same time, it switches between the two sets of four cores depending on what it’s doing. Sitting idle not doing much and on battery? Switch to the little core to use less battery. Doing a lot or on AC power? Switch to the big cores for speed.

    I’m not even sure you CAN use both at once without hacks, but I’m sure some of us will try. B-)

    As for what applications, I work in the virtual world area, and I can easily find applications to use many cores. I have my latest virtual world server stuff running on an A20, still working on getting the client side to run on that. Would love to get it running on an eight core ARM. I already commented on your wish list for the A80 I think.


  3. azbest
    Sep 06, 2014 @ 16:18:15

    Heterogeneous multi-processing was added to kernel in 3.10 release.

    Operation of big.LITTLE HMP Mode
    “each and every CPU core can be independently activated
    or deactivated according to the required workload.”

    Click to access Heterogeneous_Multi_Processing_Solution_of_Exynos_5_Octa_with_ARM_bigLITTLE_Technology.pdf


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