ESP8266 WIFI chips and modules arrived


Recently we blogged about the new ultra low cost UART to WIFI modules based on ESP8266 ICs. Today the WIFI modules and sample chips arrived so we can finally test them.

The low cost $5 modules focused the interest of many people. We already have translated datasheet, forum and some people even started write code for Arduino without having these modules at all 🙂

One problem I see is that there are no official schematic with components with values nor reference design. We are going to change this as we already got 3 different modules and the components around ESP8266 are not so many, so we will capture the schematic and make reference PCB layout in the next few days. 




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  2. emile
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 18:57:36

    Very……………very good product


  3. tszaboo
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 01:10:10

    I would definetly like to see this on some of your boards.


  4. prozac
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 04:16:48

    So, have you been able to tell if the chip is 5v tolerant or will we need a level shifter?


    • OLIMEX Ltd
      Sep 10, 2014 @ 08:37:29

      this chip is working on 3.3V we do not experiment with 5V as probably this will kill it and we got just few modules

      the documentation is mess as expected 🙂

      we spent few hours trying to talk to the chip at 56Kpcs as written in the docs before we try 115Kbps which is the actual baudrate this chip is workig more tests are to follow today


  5. Caron
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 16:26:07

    Any idea if it is possible to listen on a port? My first project would be a garage door opener …


  6. helgelangehaug
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 21:10:37

    Reblogged this on Weatherstation + and commented:
    I’ve been looking for cheap wifi modules for arduino for a while. There is now a ESP8266 that might do what I want for a reasonable price. Seeedstudio sells it and are about to write some documentation for it.


  7. zoobab
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 06:35:55

    any gcc for it?


  8. zoobab
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 13:52:23

    There is now GCC for it and people managed to compile a blinking LED with TCP server.


  9. Benjamin
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 20:26:57

    Any news about ESP8266 reference design for Eagle ?
    I’m very interested in it for an open source extension for HydraBus at lowest possible cost (< 10USD if possible)


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