Open Fest 2014 and Hardware Hackathon with Adruino and Simon game


Open Fest is the biggest event for Open Source technologies in Bulgaria. This is the ultimate must visit event in the agenda of all Open Source enthusiasts in Bulgaria.

This year was our third time at Open Fest and the impression is that every next year it becomes bigger and bigger!

OpenFest is free to participate and managed by group of Open Source Enthusiasts totally on volunteer basis, instead to make money from this event they do the opposite they put their own money just to see at one place similar minded people and to make it one big fest.

You can’t imagine how friendly and spiritual is this event, celebration of the freedom in technology in software in hardware, the organizers even provide free breakfasts and coffee for everyone who come 🙂 how cool is this?

You can judge that the event grows indirectly by the number of the sponsors who join it and every year the number of sponsors increase.


The halls now are small and can’t accomodite all the people who want to hear the lectures and next year probably some bigger space need to be found for this event as current location is already too small.


I had a talk for Programmable Home, presenting what we are working now on to make home automation easier. Two years ago at Open Fest 2012 I had lecture about Open Source Hardware and Business and when I asked who knows what OSHW is there were just couple of hards which rise, this year on the same question more than 1/3 of the hall rised their hands, it’s good to see people get more aware of Open Source Hardware.

OF16 OF17 OF18 OF19

The video is now online.

We also ran the traditional Hardware Hackathon, this time we had the Pinguino FOSDEM edition Arduino boards for assembly and the more advanced Simon game.

Soon our spot become magnet for interesting people and sweet small talks about Electronics, DIY, OSHW etc.

Time was flying so fast we couldn’t realize when it become 18.00 o’clock and the guards came to drive us out as they had to lock the building 🙂

Meantime there were quite of interesting lectures running like the Software Defined Radio and RTL by Harald Welte:


Or the application of Open Source Hardware and Software in the Mining Industry by Noac Engineering:



needles to say the heart inside this complicated system is OSHW A20-OLIMEXINO-MICRO 🙂


Svetlin Nakov lectures are always interesting, he is trying to break the obsolete education model in Bulgaria by running free and quality education in his private Software University. How he makes money out of this? Two ways: first – if you want official exam documents you pay small fee, second – the Software companies pay him well for the graduated students, so people can learn for (almost) free and then if they perform well on the exams they get good paid job. Svetlin is quite a mix of good ideas and the ability to present them well while making entertaining show. We need more people like him!



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