The January 10th Workshops were great place to meet interesting people


There were about 60 people who signed that will come to the workshops on January 10th but we said to ourself “usually only 50% of people who say will come actually come” and were expecting no more than 20-30 people to come.

For our surprise more than 50 people come 🙂 we had only 40 chairs, so as you can see some people had to stay stand. Definitely will have to fix this for the next event!

Here are the videos for the presentations:

Sorry for the quality of the sound it’s not good, but all these videos were made with amateur camera.

For some reason the video of my lecture for SMT got corrupted, so it’s the only one which can’t be uploaded, but the slides are at SlideShare.

Overall this workshop had no rules, it was more like meeting of people who share same interests and passion on electronics, hardware and software. The lectures were with no fixed times, and were more like discussions with questions and answers.

We started at 14.00 and the workshops continued almost to 19.00 then moved to cozy restaurant where we continued the discussion on beer till 22.00 🙂

We all came to conclusion that we should make these workshops every couple of months to may prepare interesting topics, and give time for more people to prepare, so be ready for the next event somewhere in March!

Retro computing surprisingly interested even the younger. I invited Orlin Shopov to next event and he confirmed that he will come! So there will be more retro computing memories to be shared!

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  1. SK
    Jan 14, 2015 @ 23:05:57

    Thanks for filming it 🙂


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