TuxCon 2015 – two days of fun and hacking


TuxCon is gone, but it was cool event with lot of talks about Open and Free Software and Hardware, lot of ideas exchange and many peoples learned new skills and stuff.

What you see above is the Saturday (July 11th) agenda. There were lectures about FreeCAD, Firefox OS, Arch Linux, Software testing tools, Crypto telephony, JavaScript Robots, IOT Firmware and etc.

The videos are already online.

The organizers made nice T-shirts:


which were delivered by someone RMS look-alike guy:


and even TuxCon branded cookies:


I tested them personally they were delicious 🙂

The Kirov hall where TuxCon lectures were present was full:


Peter present news around IoT Firmware for ESP8266:


there was live demo, with ESP8266-EVB connected to MOD-RGB8x8 display made by 6 bricks making 48×8 pixel display where messages from twitter were captured with hacktag #tuxconmobi and displayed in real time, making simple internet connected display. Needless to say this demo was done for 30 minutes and we forgot to put bad words filtering which was abused a little bit by someone 🙂

Twitter demo is on GitHub. Here is code snip how easy you can print on RGB display with JavaScript:

 function (tweet) {
    console.log('TWEET: ['+tweet.user.name+'] '+tweet.text+'\n');
       // User name and tweet text
       text: tweet.user.name+': '+tweet.text,
       // Color CYAN
       color: {r: 0, g: 1, b: 1}

At the end there were lighting talks, I spoke about our new Energy Efficiency module for ESP8266 and WIFI-triple power switch which allow 3 different appliances to be commanded through Internet and Javascript and module which logs on cloud your energy consumption.


At the evening there was beer party with free beer from TuxCon sponsors:


Sunday we continue with the practical part: SMT soldering workshop of binary watch:


Ultimate geek watch which show date and time in binary format and you can test how good are your friends in reading binary numbers.

For many people SMT part soldering seems like something very difficult, but it’s quite opposite, you can solder SMT parts very easily.

Everyone who came at the workshop built his own binary watch.

There were three easy steps: applying solder paste, placing the components on their places, soldering with hot air gun.

To apply the solder paste you have to put the PCB between some holders:


then to put stencil above and keep it in place with tape:


then to apply paste with rubber raquel, then to put all components on their places watching for the components which have polarity:


it’s easy, even girls can make it 🙂


… actually girls usually do it better 🙂

then solder the components with hot air watching to not put on fire the wooden desk, you can see we use ceramic tile for this purpose:


Some small components were lost, some plastic buttons were melted by the hot air, but otherwise everyone did good job and almost all binary watches worked!

Now looking around on the internet we got new idea how next TuxCon 2016 Tshirts should look аlike, and idea for the next workshop board with LEDs:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jaakko
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 16:03:20

    I think Red Pitaya is open source, but not open source hardware?


    • SK
      Jul 20, 2015 @ 20:09:04

      Oh, you mean the board in the girl’s hand (from the picture from Internet not the one in Plovdiv) – that took some time to decipher (didn’t really notice she holded a board, but who can blame me) 😀
      The OSWH title of the T-shirt maybe is about the lighting of her skirt 😛


  2. SK
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 18:20:18

    Is the binary watch a product of yours?

    Maybe more info about “Energy Efficiency module for ESP8266”? 😛


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