OpenFest 2015


There are two events during the year which we never miss – Fosdem and OpenFest!
These are the places you can meet many people who work and appreciate the open source culture and technology and are always in our agenda for “must visit”.

OpenFest 2015 was last weekend in Sofia. As allways it was over crowded, noisy and great!

Lectures were running in three halls, and three workshops were running all day long in fourth hall.

We made SMD PCB assembly workshop and teached how to make binary watch. You can see from the pictures this was interesting even to small kids, but also to their parents.





We also had lecture for the Internet of Things firmware for ESP8266.


This beautiful girl is not Olimex’s employee just signs in the pauses between the lectures 🙂

You can see on the first slide our new WiFi-Switch device with two 10A/250VAC relays which can fit inside normal power sockets as it’s only 40x35x12 mm.

And here is setup which displays twitter messages with #openfest15 hacktag, measure temperature, drive RGB LEDs, read fingerprints and open close doors with ESP8266-EVB



Specially for OpenFest we made wireless ESP8266 LED matrix badges and unintentionally made stress test of OpenFest wireless network as we forgot to disable by default the ESP8266 AP mode, so people had hard time to search for OpenFest APs as people were hanging around with EPS8266 badges which were showing up to people devices as WIFI hot spots :))



…and this is rare mix of traditional old Bulgarian dressing (with gun and knife in the belt) together with WiFi badge, walkie-talkie and cell phone next to the gun and knife 😀


This is picture of OpenFest closure, kudos to all 60 volunteers and organizers:


EDIT: here are some pictures taken during the OpenFest setup by the organizers

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