TuxCon is only 86 days away :) with lot of interesting talks and workshops FPGA, Retro Computing, Robotics


TuxCon 2016 the conference for Open Source Software and Hardware technologies in Plovdiv is approaching.

In Saturday the organizers prepare dense program with 8 lectures, Lighting talks and ending with Free (not as in speech) Beer Party thanks to the event sponsors!

Edmund Humenberger (http://icoboard.org/) is one of our confirmed speakers, he is Open Source evangelist worked as a Open Source Expert for the European Commission and do currently work on bringing an open source FPGA toolchain to the world.

Orlin Shopov is one of the software developers of Puldin computers manufactured back in 1988-1992 in Plovdiv. He accepted our invitation to come and speak and have idea to invite and bring all other people who were involved in the design and production of this unique 100% made in Bulgaria (no clone of Apple or Oric like Pravetz) retro computer. This will be celebration for all Retro Computer fans who come.

Many other talks are submitted and we wait more to come by May 15th when is the dead line.

In Sunday at Olimex building we will have two workshops:

First is for  FPGAs, with introduction which talks about how FPGAs are made, where they are used, the history around them, the different ways of programming, HD languages, with practical work – using iCE40 FPGA and Open Source tools you will be able to understand the design process flow and to write your first program in Verilog and run it on the board.

We will give away 10 boards to random people who attend this workshop, so you can challenge your luck!

The second workshop will be with Robotics topic and we will keep it surprise by now, but will include competition and will also have prizes.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Humenberger
    Apr 13, 2016 @ 19:04:41

    If someone would be interested, a Puldin 8-bit HW reimplementation with CPU, RAM, VGA-out, serial-interface, keyboard, mass-storage is possible to implement on an icoBoard. The old Puldin software would run again.


  2. Dimitar Nikolov
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 10:17:32

    Which Sunday will be the FPGA workshop, after 86 days or now?


  3. Matej
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 15:30:16

    Can you please make more specs of that retro computer? ( Puldin computers ) As I am 8bit fan…


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