Quiz Answer- smallest unit in KiCAD


Smallest unit in KiCAD is 1 nm. This is (1/1 000 000)-th of millimeter.

Quite precise for PCB design!

For comparison the popular Eagle CAD base unit is 1 um which is 1000 times bigger, so KiCAD uses 1000 times more precise metrics than Eagle.

Actually lot of the modern chips today are made on 28-40 nm technology.

So maybe KiCAD designers when deciding to use 1 nm as smallest unit were thinking too expand KiCAD as ASIC mask generation tool in future?

…who knows 🙂

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  2. Henry
    Jul 10, 2016 @ 10:12:59

    Nice PCB design, but there is a mistake, a trace is connecting with a via but without connection at the other end, is KiCad able to detect this faulty ?


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