Weekend – Verilog Programming Challenge – Test your Verilog skills this weekend.

Do you remember WPC (weekend programming challenge). All problems are on GitHub.

I still get e-mail from people asking why we did stop it, the answer is simple: we just ran out of ideas what challenges in programming to ask you.

You guys were so good and for the last challenges I always had impression that we already have solved something like this.

Now you know I have new toys – iCE40 FPGAs and learning Verilog, so I have few ideas for challenge people like me who want to learn Verilog.

Here is our first challenge: Two days ago I posted tutorial how to program VGA video generator and to move one square on the screen with keyboard.

The challenge for this weekend is: modify the code from GitHub to display ball instead of square 🙂

You have time to Monday to solve this and submit your solution to info@olimex.com.

In Monday I will upload all ideas on GitHub and comment.

Have fun!

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