OLIMEXINO-328 special version of Arduino made for low power battery applications

Screenshot from 2018-01-09 12-21-46

Our friends from IrDroid made evaluation of OLIMEXINO-328 board low power modes and blogged about it.

OLIMEXINO-328 is special version of Arduino made for Industrial applications – It can be powered from 9 to 30VDC. The board has build in LiPo charger and step up convertor so when external power is applied or connected to USB the LiPo battery is charged, if both External power and USB connection is missing the power supply is automatically back up by the LiPo battery and OLIMEXINO-328 keep running from battery.

All components of OLIMEXINO-328 work in temperature range -25+85C.

Low power voltage regulators are used to board can be bring down to few micro Ampers when not active.

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  1. kyrk.5
    Jan 09, 2018 @ 15:07:35


    back in 2015 I made some measurements with PIC32 boards from Olimex. Here are the old blog posts:

    I measured the PIC32-PINGUINO-MICRO (5,6mA) and PIC32-PINGUINO-OTG (49uA). The result is in (). Maybee some word about the measured values. More or less it meets the expectation, so just by analysing the schematics and the datasheets it is possible to make a good guess.

    Nice to see others also measuring low power behaviour 🙂 It is a very intresting topic since Software and Hardware must work very close together.


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