New products in stock: ESD proof PCB panel holders


When you deal with PCB assembly you need to move PCBs or panels through different operations like AOI, Test etc. To move the PCBs you need ESD proof, strong and reliable PCB holders. Most of the PCB Holders on the marked are made by plastic, which scratch, bend when placed in dry oven and so on. We have designed three types of PCB Holders which we use in our own production and now offer for sale.

PCB-HOLDER-6 can hold up to 39 PCB/Panels they are spaced at 10 mm. The Holder is with total size 400x120mm and there are two wings which hold the PCBs and are 20mm high so you can easily slide your fingers under the Holder and lift it easily:


We have one bigger size PCB-HOLDER-10 which can hold PCBs which are bigger than 150mm wide:


PCB-HOLDER-10 also can hold up to 39 panels/PCBs and you can slip your fingers under it:


PCB-HOLDER-Z has Z shape and has additional side holder which prevent PCBs to move during the transportation:


PCB-HOLDER-Z is very easy to manipulate.


All PCB Holders are made by Zinc galvanized steel against rusting.

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