COVID-19 update – UPS and DHL stop serving some Red Zones in some countries


The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading all around the world. This affects some places more and were labeled as “Red” Zones with high risk, where courier deliveries are banned.

UPS and DHL both announced Zip codes for such “Red” zones where they will not perform deliveries.

We put a link to their pages at our CHECKOUT page as these lists are updated frequently and we can’t follow up and code exceptions in our online shop:

Screenshot from 2020-03-25 14-51-55

So please, at the time of ordering, check if your ZIP code is listed there. If your area is on the list, your parcel will just hang up in courier’s warehouse.

EMS service is terminated in Bulgaria, DPD and Airmail (posts) for the moment didn’t make any restrictions.

In Bulgaria we have a relatively low count of infected people and we at Olimex work as usual. Our government placed strong restrictions on public services and the travel of people between cities, but inside cities movement is not restricted.

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