Open Source Hardware LIME2-SERVER user manual is uploaded and explains how to assembly and how to install Linux images of popular projects


LIME2-SERVER is Linux server with only 2W consumption, A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 and option for HDD or SSD.

The server has bild-in LiPo battery which allow it to run for hours without external power supply, Gigabit Ethernet connection and power adapter 5V 2A.

Today we uploaded on GitHub the initial version of the user manual which explains how to assembly the boxes in case you didn’t bought it assembled.

Also basic instructions to use Ubuntu Bionic and Debian Buster images we provide.

KODI and NextCloud installation.

Additional info how to build and install Home Assistant, Yunohost, TOR server will be included in the next revision.

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  1. GNUtoo
    Jul 13, 2020 @ 02:28:40

    The SATA adapter looks really nice.
    Some suggestions:
    – There is an eMMC version of the Lime2, it could be interesting to consider it as an option in this guide as you don’t need a microSD anymore, and can just put the bootloader on the eMMC.
    – The UART is not easily accessible on the Lime2 in such configuration, however it is easy enough to add a console on the USB OTG port once Linux has booted. This can make network configuration much easier. Ideally the bootloader could also export a console through USB but I’d need to do some research to understand how to do that in u-boot, and it probably requires to recompile u-boot.
    – Do you also have a way to add an RTC in that setup? Having the right time at boot can help a lot when you use a community VPN suited for self hosting (public static IPv4 address / IPV6 range, neutral Internet, etc). This is because the VPN often require certificates that depends on the date and ntpdate depends on an Internet connection which requires the VPN to work in the first place.


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