Let the RP2040-PICO-PC fun begin!

This is update to our previous post about RP2040-PICO.

We have had the RP2040-PICO-PC prototypes for more than week and have tested all of its peripherals.

It’s amazing what amount of code the Raspberry Pi community generated for such a short time after the launch of RP2040-PICO.

Video, USB keyboard, SD-card storage, Audio, all tested and working. Sure, we did need a few wire patches but hey this is Revision A after all 🙂

What you see above is the RP2040-PICO-PC running from a LiPo battery and moving two sprites on the screen with quite a decent speed!

Code taken from https://github.com/Wren6991/PicoDVI

A small All-in-one pocket computer which can run from a LiPo battery.

Programmable with Python, with video, audio and keyboard.

Perfect tool to teach kids how to make their first Python games. Or just to emulate BBC micro and play all good old games.

Now RP2040-PICO-PC is ready for production!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. paul
    Jun 12, 2021 @ 11:16:01

    Could you add some PSRAM to your py2040? Similar to how the Espressif modules have it. Ideally up to say 8MB since that is still an inexpensive part. Yes I do have applications that need it.


  3. paul
    Jun 14, 2021 @ 00:25:02

    Regarding above: it is sufficient to leave a solder pad on the board so people can add their own PSRAM, if you want to keep costs down. This otherwise is a limitation of the raspberry pico which blocks certain applications.


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