Donald Knuth’s MIX computer implemented in iCE40HX8K-EVB

Donald Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming” is still a popular monograph which covers many types of programming algorithms and their analysis.

Although the first publishing was back in 1968, the book has been updated many times and is still a good source for learning algorithms.

Inside the book Knuth uses a hypothetical computer named MIX for writing all of his algorithms. The MIX computer has 9 registers and about 70 machine instructions.

Today in our Project section we got a submission of a MIX computer implementation on iCE40HX8K-EVB by Michael Schroeder.

The project is hosted on Gitlab:

Several examples were created to demonstrate the MIX implementation such as generating the first 500 prime numbers.

The project is well documented and includes a manual:

Thanks Michael for the nice project!

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