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USB-ISO USB 2.0 Full Speed insulator passed all EMC tests in certified laboratory and now can bear CE mark!


After our first product which pass CE requirements (ESP32-POE-ISO) now we are happy to announce that we have second product which pass CE standard tests. USB-ISO have been tested and passed these standards tests in certified laboratory: EN 55032:2015 EN 55035: 2017 EN 61000-3-2: 2014 EN 61000-3-3: 2013 So it can be now CE marked. […]

Magic shield plates helps naked A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 board to pass CE EMC requirements.


A20-OLinuXino-LIME and A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 are choice for many industrial applications, when the board is inside metal box like BOX-LIME: it has no problems with shielding the radio emissions, but when just board is used as component, our customers has to shield it by their own in their designs. We had number of request to do official […]

ESP32-POE Open Source Hardware IoT development board with WiFi/BLE/100Mb Ethernet with 802.3 POE is in stock!


ESP32-POE board is now in stock. The prices start from EUR 14.36 for 50 pcs order. This board offers Open Source Hardware / FOSS solution and building block for distributed sensor network with power over existing LAN infrastructure. Possible use cases are Home automation, Industrial machine logging, remote environmental monitoring, access control, remote displays etc. […]

FOSDEM and TERES I update


FOSDEM was great place to present the TERES I, as there were the right people who share open source values. We got lot of people passing through our table and got tons of feedback and suggestions. Thanks guys! One of the most asked questions was: “can you make it with more RAM memory?”  The answer is […]

Getting started with FPGA with only Free and Open source software and hardware tools tutorial


iCE40 is the first FPGA family with completely Free and Open source software tools thanks to Clifford Wolf who put incredible amount of time to create tool which compiles Verilog code to iCE40 bitstream by reverse engineering the output of the closed source Lattice tools. As soon as we saw his presentation at FOSDEM we […]

Friday Free Board Quiz – Week #92 prize is USB isolator

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  USB-ISO is galvano isolator of your PC USB port with 1000VDC isolation. It’s must have device if you deal with Arduino prototype boards as in case you wired something wrong you can burn your PC or laptop USB port. USB-ISO will protect it. Also lot of people use USB-ISO for Audio DAC ground loop […]

Beware! Non grounded TV monitors can damage your OLinuXino


We use cheap TV HDMI monitor to test OLinuXino boards, and we noticed that several OLinuXino boards got burned when connected to the TV monitor and USB-SERIAL-CABLE to the console. UART Tx signal got burned when TV is connected, so we decided to investigate further. The TV monitor have no grounding on the power supply […]

Arduino Breadboarding with AVR-T32U4

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AVR-T32U4 is the easiest way to do breadboard projects with Arduino. With retail price of EUR 12.95 this is also the Arduino board with best price/performance ratio. As you see from the picture above AVR-T32U4 snap perfectly to Breadboard-1 and it powers the two power buses with 3.3V and GND and you have access to all […]