Olimex Ltd is a leading provider for development tools and programmers for the embedded market.

We have extensive knowledge in analog, digital and microcontroller design and offer our own designed development boards, programmers and emulators for rapid prototyping for ARMAVRMSP430,MAXQ and PIC microcontrollers.

Olimex designs and produces the OLinuXino range of Open Source Hardware Linux computers based on iMX233 ARM9 SoC from Freescale and A10, A10S, A13 and A20 Cortex-A8 SoC from Allwinner technology.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. openbsdtai123
    Oct 16, 2021 @ 11:17:21

    Does the hardware support Libreboot or Open BIOS?


  2. maniyanjia
    Oct 27, 2021 @ 18:17:20

    great OLIMEX


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