Quiz: Guess what is this?


Quiz: Guess what is this?

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UPDATE: 22-03-2019

We got a 319 responses on Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon and WordPress. Random.org selected Twitter @neycho as winner!

As many has found this is new product of Allwinner – 1GB LPDDR3 memory which can be clocked up to 667Mhz (equal to 1333Mhz DDR).

For these of you who downloaded the datasheet of this part number and it looks familiar do not wonder anymore. This actually is Micron LPDDR3 memory so the datasheet looks exactly as Micron datasheet just with Allwinner logo on it. Allwinner has bought Micron memory factory in Taiwan and this way become memory vendor too. We got these memories and will try them in our new boards.