SMT component sizes and metric – imperial confusion


The picture above show the SMT component sizes.

Normally component sizes were used with imperial units, like 1206, 0805 etc. The problem occur when after 0201 (20 x 10 mils) new component was introduced with 10 x 5 mils the new name 01005 didn’t sound so well. So most SMT machine manufacturers switched to metric system and all parameters in Samsung and Sony machines for instance are in metric units.

My first confusion was when I decided to buy Sony machine in the specs I read: can place components with size from 0603 up to 40×40 mm. I told myself WTF? So expensive machine and works just with 0603 components????

But then the Sony technical support explained to me that 0603 is metric and corresponds to 0201 imperial units. Later when Sony closed their business we were looking aroung for our next machine and reading Samsnug specs:


We already know that 0603 is metric and corresponds to 0201 imperial.

So the bottom line is when you speak for SMT components with size 0402 or 0603 always mention in what units you are talking or confusions could be possible 😉

Open Source SMT PCB assembly production :)


We deal with electronic boards design and assembly for more than 25 years. During this time we got lot of experience and passed through many technologies and equipment so we know the + and – in all these approaches to produce. In other hand most of the people who work in the SMT production area are not quite willing to share their knowledge, sure there is money behind the production, so everyone would love to “consult” you for a nice amount of money, in most of the cases you got nothing for your money or far less than you expected.

We had to go through this path by our own and to learn how things work the hard way. Sure there are lot of internet resources and books about SMT manufacturing and troubleshooting, but at least in Bulgaria people who do PCB assembly do not like to share, as they think they will lost their advantage or will grow up competition.  Once you learn things you see that this is not rocket science, but if you have to work on this road alone you can waste lot of time. Now we do our SMT equipment installation, service, calibration, maintenance by our own. In the rare cases we needed SMT equipment manufacturer-distributor-service advice on problems we had to wait months and usually they suggest replace with new this or that while later we found this was not the problem at all and not necessary.

We believe that knowledge sharing is good, this rise the competence of the people around you with which you share, and you both can move forward faster instead to re-invent the wheel again and again.

So here is our proposal: If you want to start your own SMT electronic board assembly and have questions on the technology or about machines you need to set your own production send us email describing what do you want, what is the type of boards you want to assembly, quantities and your rough budget and we can advise you if this is possible and eventually what equipment you will need to accomplish this.

On our wiki there is dedicated page with more information.


Stencil Printer SD-240 back in stock


Our popular SD-240 Stencil Solder Mask printers are back in stock. They were out of stock for several months as the producer Technoprint closed their SMT machine production.

Fortunately one of their supplier took over the production and restored it. Now we have SD-240 back in stock and SD-300 will be in stock soon too!