We got a new Mastodon account, and you can follow us on the Diaspora distributed social network

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We got a new account at Mastodon.social so if you want to keep following us at Mastodon you can use this link.

Our Disapora social network account is at Pluspora


What Facebook knows about us?

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Today I read very worrysome tweet from Dylan McKay that he found out that once he installed Facebook on his Android Smartphone Facebook is logging all his contacts, phone calls, time he talked etc private info which has nothing to do with Facebook service. This may be used for industrial espionage, who did you call and consulted before make a deal, or for target marketing – you called doctor, let’s show some medical service ads in your Facebook stream.

So I decided to see what Facebook knows about Olimex. In Settings menu you have Link Download a copy of your Facebook data. I downloaded it and as expected there is log of all pictures, posts, messages sent via the Facebook messenger, no matter if you deleted them or not.

Fortunately Facebook is not interested to log the phone calls for user accounts from Bulgaria as there is none such info in the downloaded zip, but there is *complete* list of all my phone and e-mail contacts! I changed recently my phone and my current phone contact list is shorter than this one logged in Facebook. There are contacts which I deleted long time ago, so once something is add to this contact list it’s not deleted even if you delete it from your phone.

The smartphones now are the perfect spy tools. This exceeds George Orwell’s imagination for what is possible in the future. We personally carry with us our own spy devices voluntarily.