Hackaday conference in Belgrade 26th of May


First Hackaday conference outside US was held in Belgrade/Serbia in May 23rd 2016.

It was very interesting event with lot of talks and good food and drinks.

This year there will be second conference in May 26th again in Belgrade/Serbia. If you wonder why all Hackaday conferences are at one and same place the secret is that Hackaday owner Supply Frame Inc CEO is from Serbian descent, Hackaday have team and development lab setup in Belgrade, so it’s native choice.

Serbia did not join EU yet (hopefully this will happen soon!), so this is not so good news for EU travelers. While I could book my ticket for FOSDEM with Ryanair Plovdiv-Bruxelles and Bruxelles-Plovdiv for EUR 9.95 in each direction (Plovdiv – Bruxelles is 2300 km distance) , there is no such option for Belgrade and normal flight cost EUR 200 although Belgrade is just 550 km away from Plovdiv. This is the magic of the European Union single market and air space! Another issue is the roaming taxes in Serbia are ridiculous and cost something like EUR 3-5 per minute, while all telecom operators roaming charges in EU are less than EUR 0.15 per minute, so be careful when talk in Serbia with cell phone or buy local SIM card.

Hackaday has opened proposals for lectures and start selling early bird tickets for EUR 23.45 I guess this odd number come from $30 converted to USD/EUR exchange rate.

For this event Voja Antonic made special badge in the form of BASIC computer, so with the ticket you will get this beauty:



ESP32-GATEWAY OSHW IoT board with BLE, WIFI, Ethernet is now in stock


ESP32-GATEWAY the lightweight version of ESP32-EVB is now in stock! It’s with dimensions only 50×62 mm and is practically same as ESP32-EVB but without relays, CAN and IR control.


ESP32-EVB in stock!


ESP32-EVB is finally in stock 🙂

The size increased to 75 x 75 mm and these are the features:

  • ESP32-WROOM-32 CE/FCC approved module
  • Bluetooth LE, WiFi connection
  • Wired 100Mb Ethernet connector
  • micro SD card
  • two RELAYS 250VAC/10A (125VAC/15A) with LED status
  • CAN interface
  • IR remote control receiver and transmitter 5 m  range
  • RESET and USER buttons
  • USB micro connector for programming and power supply
  • LiPo battery charger and step up converter with 4 STATUS LEDs
  • Power jack 5V power supply

This is great board for IoT as has access to many interfaces: Ethernet, CAN, BLE, WIFI. The relays can switch power appliances. With the IR remote control you can control any device with IR like TVs, VCRs, Air conditioners, Sound amplifires, CATV etc.


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