A13-SOM-512 Android image for 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen released


We got request from customer for Android image which supports 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen. He did his development with Beagle Bone, but wanted to optimize the cost for production so A13-SOM512 price was very attractive, but default Allwinner Android image although allow you to define smaller LCD resolutions has no working touchscreen calibration for small LCDs, also default Android screen was not set well and status bar was taking big portion of the screen.

Here is the newly released SD-card image for A13-SOM512 Android with 4.3″ LCD with touchscreen display.


Now you can develop your embedded Andoid application on low cost board with small LCD.

Android 4.3 is out – even sweeter Jelly Beans


Google released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, what’s new?

  • Multi users

now many people can use one tablet with separate accounts, layouts and settings

  • Support for 4K displays

this is great news for the fans of high resolutions and detailed pictures

  • Bluetooth LE accessories support

now the Android can connect to the new LE Bluetooth accessories

  • Smarter keyboard with gesture typing

the typing on phones and tablets is always pain, Google worked to make it easier

  • Many new apps, Hangout with video chat

Android integrates more and more G+ environment inside

  • Chrome browser

now the Chrome fans can browse with their favorite browser by default

  • OpenGL ES 3.0 support

means faster and better graphics