New Product in stock: MOD-MPU6050 Digital 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyro with UEXT


MOD-MPU6050 is new Open Source Digital 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro combo breakboard. It comes with UEXT connector and cable so you can connect it to any of our development boards which have UEXT connector, but if you want you can use it also with breadboard as all MPU6050 signals are available in two rows at 0.1″ step on the two sides of the PCB.

The board is in stock and cost EUR 9.95

Demo code for OLinuXino in C and Python and for Arduino, MAPLE, Pinguino will be available on our web, the Eagle CAD files and schematic is also there.

iMX233-OLinuXIno-MAXI interface MOD-SMB380 3-axis accelerometer both in I2C and SPI mode demo example


Accelerometers are used to measure the acceleration in three axes X, Y and Z. These devices are very handy when you want to measure how objects move.

MOD-SMB380 is UEXT module with digital SMB380 accelerometer from Bosch. as it have UEXT interface it’s easy to interface it to any board with UEXT, SMB380 supports both SPI and I2C interface, so the demo example can use both as both interfaces are present on UEXT connector.

Download the code from GitHub and build it:

# ./mod-smb380 -spi

switch to SPI reading

# ./mod-smb380 -i2c

switch to I2C reading