MOD-LCD3310 example with OLIMEXINO-328 (ARDUINO UNO) written in Ada language


Today Tero Koskinen sent me link of his project where he uses OLIMEXINO-328 (Arduino UNO clone) with MOD-LCD3310 connected to UEXT, so far nothing strange.

What made my jaw to drop was that he was using … Ada language to program it 🙂

This bring me back 30 years back when I was using Ada to write my code as I liked this structured language before then code it in BASIC for Apple ][. At that time there was no decent Ada compiler so I used it just to solve my problem as algorithm then coded it in the good old ugly AppleSoft BASIC.

I though Ada is pretty much dead as Pascal, Modula and the latest Wirth Oberon project. I have no idea why this happend but these nice structured languages dissapeared, so this was nice surprise to see that Ada is still live… on AVRs.

Link to Sourceforge ADA-AVR project