OSHW High precision calibrated digital air quality CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure sensor board with UEXT connector


Analog gas and air quality sensors have quite negligent readings. They need special calibration to measure correctly.

This is why CCS811B digital air quality sensor by AMS is so interesting. It can measure indoor air quality and CO2 content with digital readings from 400 up to 29206 ppm.

MOD-ENV has CCS811B and BME280 digital precise temperature, humidity and air pressure sensor assembled together. Both operate through I2C and are low power with sleep modes which makes them perfect for enviroment monitoring and IoT.

ESP32-POE, ESP32-POE-ISO, ESP32-EVB has UEXT connectors and can directly connect to MOD-ENV.

The price of MOD-ENV is between EUR 14.36 and 15.95 depend on quantity.

New product in stock air/water normal closed magnetic valve driven with 12V with quick connect for 6 mm sleeve

Oli DudeN01

We have new product in stock:


WATER-VALVE-6-5MM-12VDC is electro-magnetic valve with normal closed path. It’s driven with 12VDC/0.54A and when power supply is applied opens the valve. It has quick connect for 6 mm sleeves and makes water/air pipes attachment and dis-attachment easy. The valve can work with 0-0.8MPa (0-8 bar, 0-116 psi, 0-7.9 atm) pressure of the air or water.

With this valve and ESP32-EVB you can make IoT watering system, which allow you to switch on and off water supply to your garden or plants via internet.

The demo code is written with Arduino for ESP32-EVB and sources are at Github.

When the server is run you can view the status in your local network:

Screenshot from 2017-12-07 14-59-34

You view the current time and with arrows can adjust time when the watering to start or stop. You can also directly drive your valve with ON and OFF buttons.


New Product in stock: Micro electro magnetic Air valve


AIR-VALVE is micro electromagnetic valve for air, we keep it in stock with three different coil coltage versions: for 3VDC, 6VDC and 12VDC.

Normal state is open, when power is applied the valve closes the air flow.

DIY Air Pockets Machine


When dealing with shipping parcels there is one thing which is always not enough – filling material, it should be light to not change the parcel weight, but must in other hand fill all gaps and hold the materials inside the parcel tight to not break during the shipments.

After searching for professional machine for making Air pocket I found that all of them are

  1. expensive
  2. working with special materials which are also expensive

so I start thinking how to make my own air pocket filling machine.

First thing was to find PE sleeve, it was not hard as around Plovdiv there are about 10 different small factories which produce such PE sleeve, they can even print your logo or something else on it as it’s widely used to pack milk, sugar, and so on food products.

The PE sleeve is sold on KG and very cheap, this roll you see above is 6KG but probably long thousand meter and cost me eur 30.

Then I needed PE sealing machine and sourced one from ebay for $40 with free shipping.

The sleeve should be also filled with air so I got one of these small fans used in bathrooms.

So I was ready to test my “machine”.


First cut one stripe of the sleeve around 1 meter and sealed one end with the sealer.

Then put the sleeve on the fan fixing it with rubber ring:


As expected the sleeve got filled with air then all I had to do is to seal some pockets with the selaer. You can see the result:


Not bad result for first try 🙂

Now I have unlimited low cost air pocket filler for the parcels we ship.