Chrome Serial API – yahoooo!


Chrome recently announced Serial port API

This is big, as now you can make applications running in your browser which to check the available serial ports, open and communicate through them.

What does this means? Easy integration of electronics, boards, sensors etc which data to be captured and visualized in the browser.

I will no wonder if soon we see Arduino cloud Chrome Browser based IDE where you write your code in your browser then upload to Arduino without need for Java, 100MB downloads for different OS multi platforms and so on, and best of all – every time you open Arduino IDE URL you will have most up to date version, so need to download again and again 100MB of new IDEs every couple of months.

What other? Boot-loaders, processor programmers, Digital oscilloscope, Logic analyzers running in the cloud or in your browser. With this move Google enables whole new range of applications which could run in your browser!

Well done Google!