World smallest System-On-Module with A20M released, dual instruction set x86 and ARM v7, can run any code in and OS!


What you see above is our first prototype of A20-SOM-NANO with only 30×15 mm this is the smallest A20 System On Module running Linux, Windows, Android and DR-DOS 3.3!

It’s based on the newly released A20M processor which is dual architecture and can run with ARM and x86 instruction set. This makes possible to use all existing software which runs on ARM and x86 platforms, even the old DOS programs can run on Linux and Window bash command prompt without any modification.

The best of all is that A20M is pin to pin compatible with A20 but with balls on 0.4 mm step and dimensions only 7×7 mm.

Allwinner specially designed this processor for our new module so you will not be able to buy it through their distribution channels.

These modules are assembling now and will be in stock next week!


OLinuXino sales hit 2 000 000 pcs


We are so happy to tell you breaking news! The most beloved Linux Single board computer sales hit the sky.

We were so busy shipping OLinuXino boards that we forgot to make any statistic and we didn’t know how many we sold until today. (shame on our PRs, please remind me to fire them tomorrow! these lazy guys didn’t bother to bribe even single media to write articles about our board)

Our accounting manager came this morning and said that he finally found some time to count the boards during this weekend, as he had no time to do this before begin busy all day long to count the money which came from customers.

To be exact the number of board sold to this morning is 2 718 281 pcs which is one remarkable number! Well we still didn’t hit the popular target of 3 141 592, but as you can see we are now very close to them, so we expect to hit and even to surpass this number in very near future 😉

Happy April 1st!

P.S. I just spoke again to our PRs and they said in their defence: “Why we should spend money on paid publications when these boards sells so well without any advertisement?”, perhaps I shall keep them afterall