Amazing project with SHIELD-EKG-EMG

Gustavo Brancante posted on our forum this amazing project
He is controlling mechanical hand with signals received from his own ARM and sensed with our SHIELD-EKG-EMG
The project is open source and Gustavo is looking for collaborators, the code is posted at!topic/inmoov/vI1sG6WvnQc


Friday’s Free Board Quiz ISSUE #4 Prize is ARM-USB-TINY-H


Time is fly so fast when you are on vacation 😉 It’s Friday again and time for our next Quiz ISSUE#4

Today the quiz prize is ARM-USB-TINY-H (USB HIGH Speed) OpenOCD JTAG debugger. With it you can program and debug almost any ARM device and with the recent development made by Sergey Vakulenko EJTAGPROXY you can also program and debug MIPS cores like PIC32 but you have to make special cross-cable.

You can win this board if you answer correctly to our question today.

The conditions are still same: At 17.00 o’clock our local Bulgarian time (UTC/GMT+3) we will post question on Twitter, you have to reply to our Tweet with the correct answer.
At 18.00 o’clock we will count the correct answers and ask at for random number in this range, then anounce the winner.

Good Luck to everyone!

TMS320-XDS100-V3 low cost JTAG emulator debugger for ARM and DSP


TMS320-XDS100-V3 is low cost EUR 54.95 JTAG emulator based on Texas Instruments reference design and works with Code Composer 5.x.

The supported devices are: TMS320C28xx, TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C674x, TMS320C64x+, TMS320C66x, ARM9, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex M3, ARM Cortex R4

TMS320-XDS100-V3 have both 14 and 20 pin JTAG layouts using FPGA and JTAG clock up to 25Mhz.

Google works on their own processor and GPU interesting how this will impact ARM in long term

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