AVR-T32U4 is another development board based on ATMega32U4 thus compatible with Arduino IDE, so you can use it with AVRStudio+AVRGCC or with Arduino IDE up to your choice.

The board have USB mini connector, UEXT connector, RESET and user BUTTON and all GPIOs available on two rows + ICSP 6 pin connector for programming if you do not want to use Arduino IDE.

if you still can’t figure out why this odd shape is you can look at this picture:


YES when you plug it on Breadboard you got power supplied on the upper and lower power busses, so you have all GPIOs to wire jump without carrying for the power supply.

This brilliant idea was invented by our friend Ken Segler who maintain DuinoMite DM-BASIC. He had PIC board in this shape which we loved the moment we saw it and decided to make AVR, MSP430 and PIC T-shaped boards, so MSP430-T5510 and PIC32-T795 were born this way.

AVR-T32U4 is with retail EUR 12.95 and available in stock now!

OLIMEXINO-32U4 Completed – the Ultra Low power Arduino Compatible


We just complete the OLIMEXINO-32U4 design it have these features:

– Supports both 5V and 3.3V with switching between them
– Ultra Low power LDOs
– Lipo charger on board and battery operation
– 4 status LEDs
– 2 buttons
– USB and external power automatic switching
UEXT connector for Zigbee, Ethernet, Bluetooth etc interfacing
– ICSP connector
– Arduino connectors

The schematic is available for preview HERE

Board will be for sale end of February with VAT free netto prices as follows:

EUR 12.95 for 1-9 pcs

EUR 11.66 for 10-49 pcs

EUR 10.36 for 50+ pcs