New Product in stock: Magnify glasses for soldering quality inspection


MAG-GLASSES is low cost tool to inspect your solder paste printing and BGA soldering quality. With two LED lamps it allows you to take look at BGA soldering:


so you can see if the solder balls are well soldered (collapsed) and to trouble shoot your soldering process like head in pillow BGA soldering effect.

or the solder paste print quality:



New Product in Stock: Bigger Preciese Stencil Printer SD-300 for boards up to 320×220 mm


SD-240 precise manual stencil printer is on our web shop for quite long time and sells very well. Although it’s manual printer it’s capability to print precisely for components down to 0201 and BGA with step 0.65mm make it perfect for small volume, high mix boards.

Now we stock it’s bigger brother SD-300 which allow PCBs with size up to 320×220 mm to be printed.

Together with the printer we also offer training, stencils and raquels.