Adding Bluetooth connectivity to iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI


iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI have UEXT connector, so it’s very easy to add Bluetooth connectivity with MOD-BT.

What you need is to copy the MOD-BT files from GitHub: and to compile them:

you will build mod-bt executable, you should use it with these commands

# ./mod-bt –config

to configure MOD-BT

after this command you can start and stop MOD-BT with these commands:

# ./mod-bt –start


# ./mod-bt –stop

when MOD-BT is started you can pair it to any device with Bluetooth, the default name is BGB203 and password 0000

once paired you can use the –transfer to send message to the paired device and –receive to receive message from the paired device.

you can use the code template to make your own code which interact with the bluetooth devices.



PIC32-PINGUINO is Arduino like board which works with Pinguino IDE.

Several new demo examples are uploaded on our web

1. MOD-GPS demo example with our GPS module

2. MOD-CC2450 demo example with our low energy Bluetooth module (still not released on our web 🙂 )

3. SHIELD-EKG-EMG demo example how to interface this shield to Pinguino and measure pulse and muscle activity

4. MOD-MP3-X demo example how to play MP3 files with Pinguino

5. Sending and receiving calls and SMS with MOD-GSM and Pinguino

6. Connecting to Bluetooth enabled devices with MOD-BT and Pinguino

7. Interfacing MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR with Pinguino

8. MOD-RTC real time clock interfacing with Pinguino

9. Reading 13.56Mhz RFID tags with Pinguino and MOD-RFID1365-BOX

all examples have readme.txt inside which explains the functionality



New demo example is uploaded on PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220 web page which demonstrate how to add Bluetooth connectivity to Pinguino and control it with any device with bluetooth.

PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220 have UEXT connector which allow MOD-BT to be connected and easy to add bluetooth connectivity.

The demo code contain PDE sketch which pairs to bluetooth device and toggle the on board LEDs when ‘1’ and ‘2’ characters are received from the bluetooth device.

The demo code is at

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