How To Build Android 4.2.2 for A20-OLinuXino-MICRO from scratch


First you have to download the Allwinner SDK 2.0 with Linux Kernel 3.4 from

Here is the direct link

Then you need to setup your environment as explained here

Then Build the kernel, kernel modules and u-boot

   cd lichee
   ./ -psun7i_android

When done, continue with Bulding the android image:

   cd ../android4.2
   cd device/softwinner/
   tar zxfv olinuxino-a20.tgz
   cd ../../
   source build/
   lunch #select olinuxino-a20_eng
   make -j4

At this point you have the same Android 4.2.2 .img like the one which is on our wiki and you can program it to your board with Phoenix Suite!



I was trying to build my first Linux kernel following the instructions Raivis posted on OLinuXino Yahoo group , but being total linux noob there were always issues of this or that package missing during the build process. My OS is Ubuntu 11.10 32bit and there were lot of packages missing.

Trygve made some more patches and posted them on Github which bring me much further but still the kernel build was stopping at sparse compilation complaining for some files, then I found and after downloading VJ package and executing $ ./ ~/opt/ltib the necassary paths were set and LTIB finally built successfully 🙂

Now have to read the documentation 🙂 and try experimenting with tweaking the kernel and experiment with building images, this is not lighting fast process and takes about 45 minutes.